Asta Eismann

Asta Eismann

The supplier of cheese making equipment for all types of cheese, including curd cheese (quark), soft cheese, blue cheese, pressed cheese. Equipment includes cheese vats, cheese moulds, cheese presses and much more.

We also supply filling equipment, pasteurisers and everything else needed in the dairy. Our product range starts with the 50 litre cheese vat and ends with complete turnkey dairy projects and everything in between. No enquiry too small.

In addition to the dairy range we are also engineers of equipment for other food processors.

We are supplying:

  • Tofu processing equipment
  • Jam and sauce cookers
  • Fruit processing equipment
  • Sample taking equipment

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Customer feedback:
“Cheese making is settling down well with the new vat. The vat, moulds and press all working well.”
Jay Hawkins
Shetland Cheese Co.