Stafier developed a stainless steel support for ripening cheeses as long ago as 1981. This invention was so unique that model protection was even granted.

But the cheese manufacturers are constantly searching for racks that are superior regarding moisture regulation, mould prevention, ease of cleaning and hygiene, aroma and flavour and durability. These aspects have been taken into account and used to improve the designs over the course of time.

The result is a second generation stainless steel ripening racks. Tests performed by NIZO food research demonstrate that the spread in weight loss and the overall cheese quality are identical for cheese ripened on stainless steel shelves. However, compared to wood, stainless steel offers the advantage of being far easier to clean. This improves the hygiene in the cheese warehouse and the risk of mould formation will reduce. An additional benefit is a substantial reduction in the costs of ripening and storing cheese. (please find the full article on this scientific research under highlights).

No need to say that Stafier cheese supports comply with HACCP standards for food safety.

NIZO, in cooperation with Stafier Holland, created an independant report about the superior quality of Stafier Stainless Steel Shelves.

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