We are glad to announce the first installation of Bio-Oxygen at an artisan dairy in the UK. We will follow the effect of the machine closely and when we have a report of it’s effectiveness, we will share that with you.

What is Bio-Oxygen?

Bio-Oxygen prevents cheese from becoming overgrown with white and green mould during the fermentation process without affecting the fermentation and the taste and flavour. When the cheese comes out of the fermentation or maturing room, it is completely clean. The cheese does not have to be washed and peeled, which is labour intensive and non-productive. In addition to that, the cheese peel is thrown away and is a total loss. In the process of course the cheese wheels get smaller and smaller. This is not commercially viable. The Bio-Oxygen process prevents all of that. Clean cheese wheels look better and sell better. Furthermore cheese wheels stay clean and don’t have to be subsequently washed and scraped by the retailer.  


Bacteria Sterilisation – In sterile environments such as food preparation Bio-Oxygen is used to sterilise the air inside the preparation area as well as on the surfaces. Allied Chefs, Australia, installed Bio-Oxygen for their pasta and ready meals operation at Kings Park. They conducted a before and after swab test. Using Bio-Oxygen the results show a reduction of 99% of airborne bacteria and a 90% reduction in surface bacteria.  (I can provide test result sheet if required). Similarly we have customers using our system for this purpose in all different food production facilities such as Healthier Eggs Ltd and So Natural Foods for milk in Australia.


The process also prevents tainting of food with other food odours and flavours which allows different foods to be stored in a holding room without any problem. It saves having to build separate cool rooms for different types of food.


To give you some information about our solution:
•  The unique Bio-Oxygen process is environmentally friendly using the oxygen molecules found naturally in ambient air and rearranging them into Oxygen Clusters.
•  This method effectively kills Bacteria, Fungus, Yeast, Mould, Mildew, Spores, Protozoa and other Pathogens and also remove Odours, Gases, VOCs and Chemical Fumes and Vapours and repel Cockroaches and Rodents.
•  The Bio-Oxygen method is unique as we treat the fresh air supply. This is then introduced to the polluted air treating, eliminating and extracting bacteria and odour.
•  Our Australian manufactured Bio-Oxygen units are installed in the air-handling units where they continually disinfect, decontaminate and deodorise the supply air as it flows through the mixing plenum. No down time for cleaning or sterilising the manufacturing, fermentation or distribution areas. 
•  It works. We believe we are the only company in the world that can guarantee bacteria/odour free results. We provide a Bio-Oxygen Performance Guarantee.
•  Bio-Oxygen can treat and remove over 216 chemicals from the air stream and surfaces.
•  Our system is 100% Natural, environmentally friendly, healthy and safe. We do not use carbon filters, UV, Ozone or harmful chemicals. 
•  We have been established for 35 years in Australia and worldwide for the last 15 years.
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