Hyproca Dairy Products B.V.

Goat and sheep milk powder

Goat milk powder is the core business of Hyproca Dairy Products B.V.. Hyproca Dairy Products B.V. is the world-wide market leader in development, marketing and sales of goat milk powder and goat milk products for the business-to-business market. Because of the years of experience we have gained a lot of knowledge of goat milk products and the applications. We co-operate with our customers in the continual development of new and innovative goat milk products that fully meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers.  In addition we also supply sheep milk powder

Assortment goat milk powder

Hyproca Dairy Products B.V. offers an assortment of goat milk powders, for instance full cream goat milk powderskimmed goat milk powder. Besides goat milk powder Hyproca Dairy Products B.V. also offers an assortment of other goat milk products for instance goat buttergoat milk cream and fresh goat milk. Find more information on this website about our company and the goat milk products we offer.