Bio-Oxygen Europe, a specialist in air sterilisation, air purification and odour control. In October 2016, we launched in the UK and Europe introducing to this region our proven technology that eliminates odour, sterilises and purifies using just the oxygen found naturally in the ambient air.
Bio-Oxygen prevents cheese from becoming overgrown with white and green mould during the fermentation process without affecting the fermentation and the taste and flavour. When the cheese comes out of the fermentation or maturing room, it is completely clean. The cheese does not have to be washed and peeled, which is labour intensive and non-productive. In addition to that, the cheese peel is thrown away and is a total loss. In the process of course the cheese wheels get smaller and smaller. This is not commercially viable. The Bio-Oxygen process prevents all of that. Clean cheese wheels look better and sell better. Furthermore cheese wheels stay clean and don’t have to be subsequently washed by the retailer.